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Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Out of Africa Wildlife Park

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About Us

Out of Africa Wildlife Park strives to educate and entertain, to provide an exciting and engaging opportunity to love and respect creation and Creator. It is a place where family and friends gather to experience oneness with animals and each other during safaris, tours, walks, observations, and shows of wild-by-nature animals in their own, natural splendor. In this way, we hope to achieve a kind of oneness with them that will cause us to consider them to be so valuable that we cannot allow them to be lost forever. We continually provide spacious and natural living habitats for animals in need, so they can become ambassadors of their own kind. We have heeded the call of those without a voice, many of whom now border on extinction.


Tiger Splash Show at 1:15 pm everyday
Become a child again on our up close and very personal Africa Bush Safari.
Ride on the wild side with The Predator Zip Line Tour over Out of Africa.
Come meet Jericho our Southern White Rhino as he plays with his enrichment toys.